Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Events

Small businesses to large MNC's try to plan and execute effective marketing strategies to attract more customers toward their products and services. Taking up the proper ways of marketing your products and services can help you enhance your sales and thus, increase profit margin.

Use Facebook to Let the World Know about Your Event

With over 800 million users to its credit, Facebook has emerged as one of the most popular social networking sites of today. Open an events page on this site and start online promotion of your software and solutions. Add people to your list of friends and post your events data and pictures on your Facebook page. You can get new ideas about how to promote your event by checking the pages of your competitors and improve your ways of marketing.

Twitter about Your Event to the World

You can Tweet to update individuals about your present and future occasions. As Twitter allows only a maximum of 140 characters in a single tweet, you should frame your content in such a way that it attracts maximum readers' attention. You should try to post at least five tweets a day and don't forget to provide your event website link with each new tweet. You must tweet and re-tweet to all like-minded people to lure them to attend your event.

Make Use of Google+ to the Greatest Extent

Google+ is the latest networking application from Google. Event organizers can use it to create an event buzz on the online social world. You can create an events page on Google+ to share your program-related news and information with the target audience. You can use 'Circles' to interact and share the news and information of the occasion within your group. Google Hangouts can be used to start a video chat with your existing as well as potential attendees.