Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Niche Website Internet Marketing Tips

Where do you start in creating your Website or Blog - that when up and running will pull in visitors, that are hungry for your offer?

The key to success, in developing a niche site that will draw in potential customers, is planning. This planning is specific and follows a particular order, which is as follows:

Step 1

Firstly and perhaps most obviously, you have to select a niche, that you wish to target. How you select this niche, can be done in several ways. Perhaps the easiest way, is to follow your interests and hobbies. Do you have a particular passion...something that interests you above all else. For example, do you play a musical instrument, are you interested in a particular genre of follow on from that, you could perhaps ask: who is my favorite musician, or who is my favorite actor.

If you are struggling to find a particular area of interest... then don't worry. You don't necessarily have to focus on an area of immediate interest. Something that simply tweaks your interest will do just fine.

You need to realize that simply selecting an interest from your hobby or a particular passion, is not necessarily going to be the direct target, for your 'niche audience'. That's because what you select, may be (in-and-of-itself) too general - film genres might be an example - if global searches through Google are high with lots of competition, simply setting up a Blog or Website around film genres, will be too specifically general. In such a case, what you would be looking to do, is what follows in step 2 (keyword research).

Step 2

Once you have found an interest that you feel you want to pursue. You need to start researching, to find out whether your particular interest has 'the-legs' for you to pursue it as a potential niche subject. Realize, you are either going to be writing content, or sourcing content from others, to ad to your you want to make sure you get your niche right, or otherwise waste precious time building up content to a site that will never get traffic. This step 2, is the most important step of all...and is key to everything else. It is this primary keyword research that acts as the foundation, upon which you built a quality niche that gets ranked high in the search engines.

So, once you have found a potential interest, or better still several interests. You need to do some keyword research. The simplest tool to use is Google's own 'AdWords: keyword tool' won't be using this for AdWords, just to research your niche.

The first thing to do is to set the 'filter-types'...under the 'Find Keywords' tool there's a click-able box, that says 'Only show ideas closely related to my search terms' you can research with this on and off - with it off - it may come up with some niche selection possibilities you never though of - with it on - it will only specifically target relevant keywords, that you put in. One box you need to set, is the 'Match Type' on the left hand side of the screen - set this to 'Exact'.

Now simply put your 'broad' interest in the 'word or phrase' box and search. So for example, on a search with the keyword term: 'film genres' it came back with the following phrases (for global monthly searches): for the keyword phrase film genres - 5,400...what is interesting here is that competition is low - so there is potential here to get targeted traffic of possibly several thousand visitors per-month of this one key phrase. The other key-phrases retrieved are fairly weak, in terms of global order of popularity they are: film genre list 390, list of film genres 390, genres of film 320, genre film 140, main film genre 110, different film genres 110, types of film genre 73...tailing off from there.

Now if the competition for these keyword phrases was medium to high, these low monthly searches would not be worth bothering with. But every keyword phrase has low competition, and that includes the original search term 'film genres'. This might make this niche possibly viable. You could always then search for other keyword terms within the same niche, to ramp it up a bit, which you would be scattering through your content, which we will come to in a minute.

What is particularly good about these results, is that it is getting a pretty good monthly search on a 'two word' key phrase 'film genres - 5,400'...which is great for selecting the domain name for your niche (if it's available), the shorter and punchier the domain name, the better...and it is more memorable to return visitors. So, how do you now select your domain name, now that you have your potential keyword phrases and/or keyword...this brings us to step 3 (finding a domain name).

Step 3

This step is easy, because steps one and two...have already 'spat-out' the specific info you need, to get a good domain name that is going to be searched for globally, on an ongoing monthly basis. Go over to GoDaddy domains search tool.. and from the 'film genre' scenario above, start with a 'dot com' address - thus, you would search the keyword phrase filmgenre (no hyphens). At the time of this article - - is already taken. In this case, your next step is to try 'dot org' and 'dot net' if neither of these are available...the next step is to go for a long tail keyword phrase that includes film genre...a good one is film genre reviews so the domain would be, which at the time of this article was available for about $5 dollars. Review sites are great by the way, and are a highly recommended way of setting up your niche. People after all are searching 'by the millions' for information, and that includes reviews of products and services.

Step 4

This step naturally follow on from the other three. You now need to write plenty of keyword rich content around your niche. Writing articles that including the keywords you have already selected and integrating them into your posts, and into your titles and URL strings of each post.... and if you are blogging through a platform such as WordPress... don't forget to ad your keywords as tags too. If you don't feel you are up to writing your own content, or it is something you don't enjoy can always outsource to freelance writers - who will do it for you - at very reasonable prices. One good company that does this is (that's articlez with a 'Z').

So, to summarize the steps to follow: the first step is to select your niche. Next is to do some keyword research, and then select a domain name based around that research...and finally start creating content.

Step 5

Is to monetize your site. I would suggest doing this after you have created some content for your site...and are starting to move up the search engine rankings - and are starting to get traffic. There are plenty of affiliate companies you can go with to monetize your site...simply do a search on Google for affiliate marketing. I recommend Clickbank as a starting point - they are highly recommended - very professional, and have never once - missed a payment to their millions of customers, another one is Amazon's associate program, and of course...there is also Google's AdSense - all are free to join.

Don't be disheartened if your first niche campaign isn't as promising as you expected it to be. You will have some failures. But if you follow this procedure with multiple niches...essentially creating potential multiple-income-streams, you will inevitably have success - good luck.

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